General Purposes Committee

The General Purposes, Planning, and Finances Committee is responsible for a range of internal responsibilities of the council. These include financial and HR matters. The committee also is consulted on various planning application from the community of Ruthin as well as pre-consultation applications from the wider area. This committee was previously the Planning and Development Committee.

Terms of Reference: General Purposes Committee ToR

Chair: The Deputy Mayor, Jabez Redfern Oakes.

Current Membership: Cllr Peter Daniels, Cllr Dafydd Hughes, Cllr Rosie Hughes-Anderson, Cllr Menna Jones, Cllr Ian Lewney, and Cllr Heather Williams.

Recent Minutes:

20240708 gppf log decisions

General Purposes draft minutes September 2023

General Purposes draft minutes July 2023

Planning draft minutes 5 June 2023

Draft Planning Minutes 9 May 2023

Draft Planning Minutes 3 April 2023

Draft Planning Minutes 6 March 2023

Draft Planning Minutes 6 february 2023